VA Gov. Northam Signs Controversial Bill Requiring Taxpayers to Fund Abortions

by christiannewsjournal

The Virginia taxpayers will be funding abortions, Catholic News Agency reported.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) inked a bill ending a ban on abortion coverage for insurance plans offered through the state’s health benefits exchange. Health plans that receive subsidies means that taxpayers would be funding abortions under the law.

“Governor Northam has crossed yet another tragic threshold by inserting abortion without limits into Virginia’s health benefits exchange,” stated Bishop Michael Burbidge of Arlington and Bishop Barry Knestout from Richmond on Friday.

House Bill 1896 and Senate Bill 1276 will now permit abortion coverage to be included without limits in health plans on the state exchanges. Sen. Jennifer L. McClellan, D-Richmond introduced the bill to loosen restrictions through Virginia’s health insurance exchange. Republican Gov. Robert McDonnell’s administration established abortion restrictions in 2011.

“In many cases, people receive public subsidies to purchase these plans,” the bishops said. They added that “taxpayers will be forced to fund plans that cover abortion on demand.”

The bishops said with maximum determination, they will continue to advocate for the preeminent priority of protecting unborn children from the decision. “So many lives, who have no voice except ours, depend on it.”

As of July 1, Virginia health insurance plans will cover abortions under any circumstances.

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-CNJ Staff reports

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