Top Black CEO of Energy, Tech and Private Equity Calls on Spiritual Leaders to Pray for President Trump

by christiannewsjournal

Solomon Ali is one of the top African American CEOs in the United States within the sectors of energy, technology and private equity investing. His energy company, NDR, is one of the top minority-owned companies in the United States. His tech company, REVO, is the owner and licensor of smart home technology systems used by Ring (owned by Amazon) and SkyBell Technologies. He is also one of a handful of minority private equity investors in the United States. Mr. Ali has a message for the people of this country, which he states in this open letter:

Dear Spiritual Leaders:

I am writing this open letter to the spiritual influencers and leaders of our nation to call to action a sentiment of unity, under one God and under one nation, during these trying times for the United States of America and for the world at large. Our spiritual leaders must come together in unity to pray for our governmental leaders who are on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and all who are directly and indirectly effected in its wake.

This is not a time for political division, as political division is a tone deaf and nonconstructive response to this tragedy that we collectively face. For it is divisiveness, hate and polarization that has manifested the invisible enemy of coronavirus. We must learn from this past mistake and move forward as one nation under God. This includes praying for the president of the United States and the rest of our country’s leadership.

President Donald Trump needs to be prayed for to help guide him in making the right decisions for our country, and there is no prayer stronger than group prayer. The president has a difficult job. We need to unite behind him and that starts with prayer. At the same time, we need to look to God for answers, and not solely our United States government. This is a spiritual problem that can only be solved through spiritual healing on a mass scale.

We are currently witnessing history in the making, much like generations that came before us who weathered the storms of two World Wars and The Great Depression. How the history books will be written and the story retold to our grandchildren and great grandchildren is up to us as a nation.

Right now our world and our nation is communicating to us that it is in need of healing and what we are bearing witness to is the beginnings of a massive reset. This is the time for our earth and for the United States of America to reset itself.

With this in mind, whether we are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or spiritually non-religious; our spiritual leaders must lead us all in a collective prayer as one nation under God.

Spiritual leadership means humbling oneself and taking on tasks typically deemed “undesirable” in conventional societal constructs. My plea to our spiritual leaders of every religion, race, ethnicity, creed and corner of our nation and globe is to come together in joint fellowship to demonstrate the power of unified prayer. God is telling us to bring all our worry, disparity, heartbreak, pain, hopelessness and anger to him and release it at his alter.

I am asking our spiritual leaders to set a unified date and time to organize the most powerful (online streaming) community prayer our nation has ever seen, to pray for our current leader, President Donald Trump, for his administration, for the courageous coronavirus task force, and for our collective healing from this virus.

This unified prayer will act as our earth’s spiritual cleansing and reset.

Mr. Solomon Ali is currently host of the podcast, MBA: Minority Business Access. Some of Mr. Ali’s recent guests have included a who’s who of business: Constant Contact co-founder Alec Stern, founder of Priceline Jeff Hoffman, and world-renowned motivational speaker and New York Times bestselling author Les Brown to name a few.

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