Top 10 Moments From President Trump’s Town Hall

by christiannewsjournal
Donald Trump

With the Lincoln Memorial as a backdrop, President Trump took questions from Americans for two hours last night as part of a Fox News Virtual Town Hall.

“We never had a more beautiful set than this,” the President said.

Together, Americans are beating this Coronavirus. After months of slowing the spread of disease, our country is prepared for the next stage in this fight. Last night, President Trump explained why safely reopening is the right thing to do for our people:

  1. America leads the world in testing. When the virus struck, President Trump quickly revolutionized our nation’s testing system, clearing regulatory hurdles to get the private sector involved. The United States has now conducted more than 6.5 million tests—far greater than any other country on Earth.
  2. We’re safely getting back to work. “We did the right thing,” President Trump says when asked about his aggressive actions to slow the spread of COVID-19. “We saved millions of lives, but now we have to get [our economy] back open, and we have to get it back open safely but as quickly as possible.”
  3. The best economy in history will be back! Before Coronavirus, America saw rising wages and its lowest unemployment rate in half a century. “We built the greatest economy in the world,” President Trump said. Once this invisible enemy passes, the American people—with this President’s help—will do it again.
  4. Relief is already here. The Trump Administration wasted no time steering $3 trillion into our economy, protecting American workers and businesses with direct deposit checks, forgivable small business loans, and more. “We’re talking 30 million jobs that we’ve saved. Thirty million jobs,” President Trump said.
  5. Early, strong action worked. In January, President Trump restricted travel from China and announced a White House Coronavirus Task Force. Democrat leaders called the response “xenophobic.” Facts proved them wrong.
  6. China’s propaganda won’t work. This virus started in China, and it should’ve been stopped long before it spread rapidly across the globe. The Chinese Communist government has tried to blame everyone from the U.S. military to our European allies for the pandemic—everyone but themselves.
  7.  We need products made in America. Past presidents did nothing while American jobs went to China. Coronavirus has exposed the danger of relying on foreign supply chains. “We’re bringing that whole supply chain back. Nobody has to tell me to do it. I’ve been talking about that for years,” President Trump says.
  8.  Schools should reopen—soon. This fall, American schools and colleges should reopen as planned, the President said. “We have to get our schools back.”
  9.  America is the “king of ventilators.” Around-the-clock coordination between the federal government and states has produced incredible results.
  10.  “We have to get our people back to church.” Faith and prayer have helped many Americans during this tough time. “It’s wonderful to watch people over a laptop, but it’s not like being at a church,” President Trump says. “And we have to get our people back to churches, and we’re going to start doing it soon.” 

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