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Race relations

Social media posts are declaring rich people are the cause of George Floyd’s murder and the overall cause of racism in America. After much pause and rolling of the eyes, I said outloud: “Give me a break!” After that, I needed a social media pause, perhaps for good.

Are we becoming more ridiculous and ignorant as a society? Yes, we are.

Not all people with money are racists as the media and social media influencers want you to believe! I’ve known people who owned sports teams, I’ve met and worked with celebrities in my career, I’ve known people with a heck of a lot of money. They were decent and treated me and others with respect. Many go out of their way to help anyone in need. I’ve seen them in action helping humanity and praying how to improve others as we are all one race—human.

There is no reason to say the rich provoked Floyd’s death as some claim in the media. Floyd was a black man who died while in police custody last week after an officer knelt on his neck for nearly 9 minutes, sparking nationwide protests. The Minneapolis police chief said all four former cops involved in Floyd’s death “bear the same responsibility, although only the one who shoved his knee into the man’s neck has been charged,” according to a report.

There are good people and bad people in any community. The anger is understandable regarding Floyd’s murder. But having money has nothing to do with rioting and destroying businesses. Rioting and throwing bottles, glass, rocks at storefronts and setting fires in garbage cans is not protesting— it is an excuse to be a criminal.

I can’t understand this utter bull and nonsense coming from the media, social media and rioters. Remember what the Democrats said, they would not squander any crisis. They are not! What happened to COVID and not gathering in mass groups, huh?

Either way, look at your Democrat salaries and politicians in general. They’re millionaires after leaving office. Most of the time they don’t show up to work.

They and others are using a man’s death for political gain and to increase likes among the sheep.

Sickening, in my opinion.

The Dems are for the people right??!! No. I speak to that because I was a Democrat for years – they failed me and my fam. But my mother pressed through the poverty lie to put herself through nursing school for a better life. People who had influence helped her get funding for school — they were good people, who happen to have money.

No, not all rich people are wicked. I met many great ones and those who were undesirable and even oppressive. Listening to social media and media influencers claiming people with money are racists is a shoddy excuse as it is to loot businesses and set them on fire in your own community.

Corine Gatti-Santillo

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