This Mother’s Day, Let’s Remember What Our Mothers Have Sacrificed for Us

by christiannewsjournal

Moms are superheroes, and they rarely get the praise they deserve. 

For too long, the job of “mom” has been disrespected. Anyone who babysits kids for a few hours can attest that raising children is no small job! In fact, it should be recognized as the most significant (not to mention exhausting) occupation on earth. Whether they balance another career (on top of being a mom), these real-life heroes bring humans into the world, keep them alive and grow them into the men and women of character we need in our world today!  

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Today, I want to encourage all of us to honor the moms in our lives. 

Last year, many of us were unable to see our mom on Mother’s Day due to stay-at-home protocols. As the nation is slowly opening back up and we can safely gather with family again, I am reminded of what an incredible gift my mom is… and what an incredible mom my wife, Tiffany, has become. 

This year the National Day of Prayer and Mother’s Day have landed on the same week…which could not be a more appropriate pairing. For many of us, it was our mom’s prayers that carried and protected us from the ridiculous things we were chasing after! Personally, I owe much of who I am today to the constant prayer and encouragement from my mom. She led me to Jesus when I was just a child, and while she is not a preacher, she has been the most influential Bible teacher in my life. Just last week, she texted me words of affirmation that I desperately needed as I battled discouragement. Today, I thank God for moms.

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My mom has always been there for me. And while there are countless other attributes I can praise from her life, 2020 has taught me that her presence is what matters most. Moms show up. They are there for us, on call 24/7. They never stop being a mom! 

This past year my mom had to endure what no parent should — burying a child. My sister passed away in February after a six-month battle with cancer, and it was the faith that my mom taught us that carried us through our darkest season. Through sleepless nights, tears and heartbreak, my mom never stopped showing up, loving, believing and putting me, my sister, brother, dad—even strangers—before herself. In suffering, my mom’s true colors were revealed and she pointed us to Jesus. 

To be clear, there are no perfect parents on earth — and we all carry scars from where our mom and dad may have not met our needs. But they do their best, and we are still standing because of their sacrifice. 

My mom would also point us to the only perfect parent — God in heaven. While others give up on us, God meets us in our pain and takes it upon himself through Jesus’ death on the cross. While others seem absent when the going gets tough, Jesus meets us in our darkest hour and lights up the room. And while many of us have only been taught the stern and “Father” side of God, it has been the tender, “Mother” side of God that causes our walls to fall down, as we realize He welcomes us back home, just as we are. 

Whatever your relationship is with your mom, today is a chance to thank God for her. Parenting is one of the most difficult, humbling and exposing jobs on earth. And the more we parent, the more we realize the sacrifices our parents made for us. 

If you have a close relationship with your mom, I’m sure you could tell countless stories of the ways your mother bore overwhelming burdens for you. You can credit your mother for much of who you are today. Don’t miss this moment! 

I’ve met many who have tense relationship with their mom, have lost her or never knew her — and I want you to know that I am praying for you today. Days like Mother’s Day can remind us of what we’ve lost, or never had. That pain and grief are real. I pray that you would know the love of a God who longs to gather his children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings (Luke 13:34), that you would be held by Jesus, who says, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” (Mark 10:14) 

Many of our mothers bear scars — scars that have resulted in our healing and comfort. This week, let us honor our mothers by recognizing how they not only bear their own burdens, but ours as well. If you still have your mom or the woman who is “mom” in your life, tell her you love her. Thank her for what and how she has sacrificed for you.  

Nick Hall is the founder and president of Pulse and a leading international evangelist. He holds a position on the Board of Directors Executive Committee of the National Association of Evangelicals. He is the author of Reset: Jesus Changes Everything. 

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