These Bone-Chilling Self Defense Stories Prove Guns Save Lives

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Man showing gun for self defense

Man concealing firearm for self defense

Self Defense Statistics Prove Gun Ownership Prevents Innocent Bloodshed

According to a 2013 analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans use their weapons in self defense between 500,000 and 3 million times annually.

To show what this means, The Daily Signal publishes an article each month highlighting some of the numerous news stories concerning firearm self defense from the prior month that you may have missed—or that may not have made it to the national forefront in the first place.

Twelve Times Self Defense Worked For US Citizens In November:

  1.  Nov. 2, Milwaukee: A woman’s ex-boyfriend attempted to enter her house without her permission in order to “get his things,” police reported. He began fighting with her physically when she stated she would bring down his belongings but he could not enter. Witnesses heard the lady exclaim, “Don’t come close to me,” just before the woman or her current partner shot the ex-boyfriend in the leg in self defense. At the time, the ex-boyfriend was facing three felony charges, one of which involved previously firing a pistol at the woman, and he also was not permitted within 500 feet of her residence.
  2. Nov. 6, Chicago: An elderly gentleman with a concealed carry license was in a parking garage when an automobile approached and a person with a firearm emerged, demanding his valuables. According to authorities, the permit holder pulled his own gun in self defense and shot the assailant.
  3. Nov. 8, St. Louis: According to police, two individuals approached a female as she headed to her car and requested to use her phone. When the woman stated that she had no phone, one of them—a 13-year-old boy—drew a gun and demanded her car keys and cash, which she relinquished. As the two thieves entered her car, the youth with the firearm got distracted, providing the woman with an opportunity to retrieve her own handgun and shoot at the teen in self defense, injuring him. The pair escaped, but responding officers located the injured adolescent and transported him to a hospital, where he was charged as a minor.
  4. Nov. 10, Chicago: a man sitting on his front porch observed two persons suspiciously creeping beneath a car and addressed them, authorities said. As he approached, the two gunmen pulled out guns and shot, leading the man to draw his own lawfully owned firearm and shoot back in self defense, injuring one of the gunmen and forcing the other to leave. According to authorities, the legal gun owner—who has a valid concealed carry permit—escaped injury.
  5. Nov. 14, Bossier City, Louisiana: A store clerk shot a man in self defense who entered the business and demanded money while claiming to have a shotgun hidden in his pants. According to police, the would-be robber did not possess a firearm, but did conceal a portion of a tire jack. The m an was just freed from jail following a 2017 conviction for robbing another convenience shop.
  6. Nov. 16, Blytheville, Arkansas: According to police, a truck driver was parked off the side of the highway to adjust his cargo when someone infiltrated the truck. The stranger shot the driver in self defense when he attempted to remove him from the truck’s cab. Two witnesses moved to intervene, but the assailant pursued them straight to their car, officers said. However, one bystander was armed and fired at the man repeatedly after telling him to stop. The injured truck driver was discharged from the hospital; his attacker faces first-degree battery charges.
  7. Nov. 20, New Port Richey, Florida: A man shot and injured an acquaintance in self defense who repeatedly stabbed him during an altercation, according to authorities. Armed with a machete, the man followed the victim into his bedroom and waited in the doorway once he was requested to leave, officials said. The invader struck the homeowner in the hand, chest, and side of the head until the homeowner was able to get his gun and defend himself. Both were treated for their injuries at a hospital; the attacker was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
  8. Nov. 20, Philadelphia: Surveillance footage shows the moment an Uber driver with a concealed carry license used his gun in self defense against three armed robbers demanding money at gunpoint. He shot one robber and wounded another, authorities said. The third robber fled the scene.
  9. Nov. 21, Des Moines, Washington: According to authorities, a female traded around 15 gunshots with two armed invaders, injuring one in self defense before being safe enough to dial 911. Officers responding to the call and located and shot the second active shooter outside the woman’s home. The woman suffered no injuries.
  10. Nov. 23, Coldwater, Michigan: A man returned home to find an assailant armed with a hatchet in his living room, police reported. The man went to his truck, grabbed his handgun to defend himself, and threatened the intruder until police came.
  11. Nov. 26, Forest, Virginia: Police reported that after a woman’s estranged husband forced his way into her residence and assaulted her with a knife. In response, a neighbor grabbed a pistol and fatally shot the husband. According to police, the separated husband was subject to a restraining order at the time of the incident, which he had already broken multiple times.
  12. Nov. 30, Thomaston, Georgia: Police reported an armed resident shot and injured a would-be auto thief during a firefight in self defense. The homeowner, who escaped injury, approached the car thief after witnessing him attempt to break into an automobile.

Additional stories of self defense are available through The Heritage Foundation’s interactive Defensive Gun Use Database.

John Paluska, CNJ Staff


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