The Power of God! People Saved, Healed at Intersection Where George Floyd Was Killed

by christiannewsjournal

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is moving all over the nation, despite the loss we all feel after George Floyd’s death. “A team of our Circuit Riders went to Minneapolis to hold open-air preaching of Jesus and healing calls at the intersection where George Floyd was killed,” Joel Bomberger shares.

“There are too many testimonies to recount!! They were able to preach to thousands and saw hundreds responding to the Gospel of Jesus!!”

“Dozens and dozens of people healed, filled with hope, changed, and born again by the power of Jesus this weekend in Minneapolis!. Just got a text that a deaf ear was just opened by the power of Jesus! Praise God,” says Bomberger.

God is restoring hope and bringing healing to America as you will see below! #OnlyJesus

Brandon Marlow tweeted pictures of people praying together

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