The Importance of Understanding the Spiritual Realm

by christiannewsjournal
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Too often, Christians celebrate Halloween with too little regard for the realities of the supernatural, perhaps because they do not believe in or fully grasp the truth about the spiritual realm. While traditional Halloween activities may not invite harm in and of themselves, the holiday indeed reminds us that there is a spirit world with good and evil beings just as varied as the people in the human realm. 

There is great importance for Christians to become more educated on the spiritual realm and how it influences our lives here on earth. 

Many believers avoid learning about the spiritual realm, mistakenly believing that it is more fiction than fact and doesn’t really hold any weight in their day to day lives. But to deny the existence of spirits, both good and evil, is to doubt the Bible, in which many stories clearly show the fleshly and spiritual realms intersecting. 

For one, Christians must seek to understand more of the supernatural because that is one of the ways we can better resist Satan and his tactics. Scripture clearly shows us that the devil is a spiritual being who “prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8). We cannot combat that which we do not understand, so becoming better acquainted with the spiritual realm is one of the key ways we fight against the “principalities…powers…the darkness of this age…and spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12). 

In the Christian walk, much of what we fight and overcome is not seen but felt. This is due to the spiritual realm in which angels, demons and even more beings operate. This is essential to realize both so we can beware and so that we can become equipped with the tools to fight back. There is a reason that the Apostle Paul instructed readers in the book of Ephesians to put on the whole armor of God. Obviously, he is not describing a literal heavy suit of armor we must wear every day, but rather a powerful metaphor that reminds us of the spiritual warfare we will face and in which we should be ready to engage. 

But again, how can we fight against what we do not understand or be prepared to face something we doubt even exists?

For many Christians, learning about the supernatural realm is intimidating, and they may not even know where to begin in finding the facts. That’s one of the reasons I have worked so passionately on multiple film projects centered around this very topic. In the process, I learned an enormous amount and grew in my faith as I dove deeper into the intricacies of Scripture.

There is value at all times, but especially at Halloween, in consuming spiritually edifying forms of entertainment that provoke thought rather than fear. Just as Paul reminds us in Philippians 4:8-9, we should think on things that are true, pure, honorable and excellent. That is why Faithlife TV offers a number of original programs centered on biblical truth such as “The Unseen Realm” and “Demons: What the Bible Really Says About the Powers of Darkness,” both of which are inspired by the books of biblical scholar Dr. Michael S. Heiser. 

As Christians, every day is an opportunity for us to grow deeper in our faith. Why should Halloween be an exception? Imagine the witness it would be to the world watching if the whole faith community were to utilize this day designed to evoke feelings of terror as a time to obtain wisdom and spreading the joy of Jesus.

Reuben Evans is the executive producer of Faithlife TV, an edifying entertainment subscription service providing uplifting movies and shows for children and adults.

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