The Importance of Teaching Children to Pray for Others

Prayer is the key to connecting children with their Christian teachings. After all, it is the way to reflect on Christ’s words and to also speak with God. That same conversation can also be put to use when discussing the importance of helping others. Praying for others is not only selfless, it gives each child a better connection with the principles of selflessness that Christ Himself encouraged on earth.

Giving children the gift of prayer for others is a natural extension of their commitment to the Lord. As they pray, the moment builds spiritual endurance, battles the sins found among the outside world, and builds a barrier against badness. The methods that make prayer an important part of daily life strengthens any child’s love for Christ as well as His teachings.

The most crucial step to giving children a way to pray for others is through what they see and interact with each day. The influence of adults as well as peers offers a real-life guide toward how this is accomplished. No matter the time of day or situation, a simple moment for prayer inspires as much as it educates. It starts with the prayer itself, but explanation, and encouragement takes it even farther for an experience children will never forget.

The Basics of Prayer For Other Builds Spiritual Character

Before anyone can pray for others, they have to understand what it is and what it means. The answers of what prayer is leads to the experience of talking with God and listening to His divine guidance. The power of it means not only a place to commune with the Lord, but a divine way to stem evil in everyone’s thoughts and actions. It fights the demons, builds spiritual muscle to fight off any sins, and creates an emotional point that even children can relate to in their own lives. That means a stronger spiritual character that only grows with each prayer for others.

The reasons behind prayer can be as simple as a way to say “thanks” for a day free from harm or a great meal with friends. It also has the possibility to mean more such as though more difficult issues such as a need for help when the choices don’t seem fair. Everything in between is more than okay for a prayer break to speak with God. He’s always listening and welcome to opening the dialogue. When adults show the way for kids, the best choices are to pray throughout the day and give those special pieces of wisdom that God passes along with every moment for prayer. That extends to the thoughts and concerns for anyone in the world at any moment in time.

Choosing Times For Prayer

When a child wakes up, their thoughts should not be just on thankfulness for themselves, but a conscious word toward others they may encounter throughout the day. It should speak to the dilemmas as well as the happiness that everyone in the world will experience that day. Those same thoughts and considerations should also be included when it’s time for bedtime prayers.

During the day, it’s also great to encourage a moment of prayer whenever they see something that bothers them or causes them a sense of unease. The same sentiment should be just prevalent when they see something that inspires wonder and happiness. Both situations only serve as a reason to strengthen their communication with the Lord.

Treat Others the Same

Prayer enhances not only the lives of children, but those around them. It is key for children to experience prayer with their loved ones and friends. Prayer is a great tool to teach empathy and understanding outside perspectives. When it is added to their routine of prayers for themselves and those in their lives, the presence of others comes naturally as an extension. It doesn’t have to be people they know, prayer can extend to complete strangers. Stressing that in everyday situations only grows the sense respect and concern for those around them as well as a world away. The level of compassion that comes with prayer also builds better ethics in addition to a sense of morality.

The benefits and rewards of prayer extends to how children treat others. Praying not only for themselves heightens their connections with God. Teaching it along with other principles of prayer puts everyone on the path to being a better Christian and person.

Written by Hannah Mathews
Digital PR Specialist on behalf of Hondo Carpenter

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