The Elusive Goal of Border Security

By Robyn Spradlin

by Danielle Dolin

Very few Americans, if any, believe that there is nothing wrong at the U.S.-Mexico border. The chaos and crisis spanning the 1,954 land miles from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean are not unfamiliar to U.S. residents or the world, but its outcome remains unknown.

The Biden Administration asserts that more money from Congress would solve the issue, bringing forth more agents, enhanced processing, increased housing, and a more robust humanitarian response from the requested billions.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) spoke with CBS Face the Nation, shedding light on the GOP’s focus on border security, a vision that seems elusive. The congressman directly criticized the Biden Administration for policy choices that facilitated the current crisis at the border. He argued that policy changes could stem the flow of illegal immigration.

“The maddening thing about it is that the White House is allowing all of this,” Johnson said. “These are policy choices that created this chaos…and policy choices that could change it…we’re asking the White House to apply common sense, but they seem completely uninterested in doing so.”

Johnson highlighted that in the Del Rio sector alone, cartels are making around $32 million per week just smuggling people, translating to over $1.5 billion per year. He characterized the cartels as “trans-national, dangerous criminal organizations” and pointed to the federal government as facilitating their criminal activity.

Face the Nation host Margret Brennan asked which policy choices should be changed. Johnson responded that reinstating the “Remain in Mexico policy” would reportedly reduce the flow of illegal immigrants by as much as 70%. He advocated for an end to the catch-and-release program that had contributed to the border debacle, releasing over seven million immigrants into the U.S. Johnson also outlined issues with the broken asylum and parole systems but emphasized that reforming one of them wouldn’t fix the problem, stressing that all five areas in H.R. 2 must be addressed.

“You cannot throw more money at a bad system,” Johnson said. “In a triage situation, you have to stop the flow first before you can commence with the surgery, and we’re hemorrhaging here.”

The GOP House Speaker conveyed the sentiment of the deputy chief of border patrol from a conversation the night before.

“It’s as if we’re trying to administer an open fire hydrant,” Johnson said, quoting the chief. “I don’t need more buckets; I need the flow to be turned off.”

Brennan pressed the congressman on border funding and his role in “standing in the way in the house,” but Johnson replied that the GOP understood that border patrol needed resources to do their jobs. However, he argued that doing the job they were hired to do wasn’t possible without changing the current policy.

“The application and enforcement of current federal law will do the trick,” Johnson said. “We don’t even need new law. We need the White House to do what it should and what it can.”

You can watch the entire interview here.

Robyn Spradlin is a freelance journalist working as a contributor for Christian News Journal covering news and politics on the national and state levels. She has worked as a copywriter for Victory News on the Victory Channel since 2022. Robyn has a BA in Communication Studies and an MA in Journalism from Regent University and is a member of the Evangelical Press Association. She is an author, evangelistic minister and a musician. She lives in South Florida, where she enjoys the outdoors when she’s not writing.

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