Texas Under Siege: Winter Storm Strips Power from Millions

by christiannewsjournal

Some 4.3 million people are without power on Tuesday in the state of Texas.

On top of that, the deaths of at least 12 people are already being attributed to the major winter storm that’s sweeping across dozens of states.

The current winter storm is “one of the most merciless in years,” as USA Today put it—and it’s “left a trail of destruction, outages, and subzero temperatures” across many states.

The National Weather Service said that heavy snow and freezing rain could come to parts of the Great Lakes and the Northeast on Tuesday—and that showers and thunderstorms in South Florida could lead to flash flooding.

See these tweets below for more information.

Let’s all think of our fellow citizens who are struggling through this major storm period—and pray for them in their time of tremendous need.

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By CNJ Staff

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