Teenager Creates Ear Guards and More Good News!

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Paul Coschignano is a thirteen-year-old in Eastchester, New York. His mother mentioned that her ears were hurting due to hours wearing a facemask as she works as a physical therapist. He used his 3D printer to create ear guards that will relieve such stress and wants to make them available to anyone who needs one.

The story does not say whether Paul has a personal relationship with Jesus, but it is clear that the Great Physician is using him to continue his healing ministry today. 

Sara Herlevsen is a tutor in Calgary who offered free assistance “to any child who is at home right now. Anywhere in the world.” 

Her day now starts at dawn as she teaches children and some parents everything from biology to Latin word roots. She has students in Australia, Britain, and as far away as Vietnam. 

Though Sara credits her wide-ranging knowledge and love for books and teaching to her theologian father, the story does not say whether she has a personal relationship with Jesus. But he is clearly continuing his teaching ministry through her. 

Dr. Jim Denison

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