Teen Pays for Senior Citizen’s Groceries

Teo Jordan, 18, works at a Kroger supermarket in Covington, Ky., and saw an elderly man short of money to buy his groceries. Jordan was bagging groceries when he overheard the customer was short of cash. 

“I wanted to help the guy. I saw that he didn’t have the money for all the groceries that he wanted,” Jordan told WLWT-TV. “The cashier told him he would have to put some of the things back, so I just thought in my head I would give him this $35 so he could have all the food that he wants.”

“I am proud of Teo. I’m overwhelmed with joy. You try to instill in your kids right and wrong but you don’t know if they comprehend, so yes I’m very proud,” said his mother, Stephanie Burton.

We are as well. Thank you Teo!

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