Teen Creates Dolls for Kids with Medical Conditions

Ariella Pacheco, 17, of San Diego, creates dolls for children with rare medical conditions that inspire and look just like them.

Since mass-produced dolls don’t reflect most kids, Pacheco decided to change the narrative to make dolls inclusive. Over the last several months, Pacheco has and is creating cloth dolls for local youths. The dolls she’s created have birthmarks, surgical scars, cranial variations and other medical conditions.

Pacheco was inspired by dollmaker and Wisconsin mom Amy Jandrisevits, who created “A Doll Like Me” — a toy that shares the same features as their owners and their disabilities.

“I really value the beauty in the little things,” Pacheco tells The San Diego Union-Tribune in an interview.

“Each of these kids are so unique, so special. I hope through these dolls they can see themselves in a new light and really embrace their beauty.”

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