Teacher Fired for Exposing Indoctrination Happening in Her Public School

by christiannewsjournal

Purple for Parents (#PurpleForParents) began in Arizona as a social media campaign that wanted to give parents a voice regarding the frustrations with teacher strikes, school closures and the politicization of K-12 classrooms.

The organization is currently supporting Indiana teacher, Jennifer Mc, who was fired for exposing indoctrination happening in her own public school after posting an article about Social Emotional Learning.

Mc represents #ParentsRights and spoke against the powerful political machine #RedForEd and the National Education Association. She was informed by the principle she was “making them look bad.”

The #RedforEd objective as expressed by its founder, Noah Karvelis, at the Socialism 2018 conference held in 2019, “is to obtain political power to “advance a socialist agenda” in public schools. 

Arizona Purple For Parents started a GoFundMe page to help pay for Mc’s lawyers and living expenses. They raised 3,000 of the 5,000 needed as of Feb. 19.

“I feel that what Jennifer is doing is right and she needs the parents of Indiana’s help to take her fight to court. We need to take a stand against Red for Ed and support #PurpleForParentsIndiana along with all the other good teachers who are standing against Red for Ed,” Kirk Womack, a supporter wrote.

“I am a teacher who was just fired for standing up for parental rights. Please help me by spreading this video and bring awareness to the indoctrination of child,” said Mc in the below video.

Watch the Video


-By Corine Gatti-Santillo









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