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Institutional Christianity Is Dying

With the news of one of the most popular Christian artists claiming he was “reconstructing” his faith after questioning everything he believed, few can doubt there is a seismic shift going on in Christianity today. Lecrae, an outspoken Christian rapper who isn’t afraid to speak on today’s issues, had an

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7 Bible Reading Tips for 2022

The purpose of this article is to provide advice that can enhance your reading of Scripture in 2022. What a treasure chest of spiritual riches

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A Dose of Christmas Hope

Twenty-first-century populations find themselves gripped in a global fight for life. Throughout, and before these days, the Lord ceaselessly spoke one word to me concerning

Haiti hurricane

We Need a Miracle for the People of Haiti

While some of the recently kidnapped American missionaries have been released, this ongoing hostage situation highlights the disintegration of social and political order in Haiti.

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