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65 Percent of Church Leaders Say That Evangelism Is Not a Priority

Sixty-five percent of Church leaders said that evangelism is not a priority, according to a recent survey conducted by Alpha Canada and the Flourishing Congregations Institute. The study revealed some surprising insights about how Pastors and Church leaders in parts of North America view evangelism, the importance placed upon it and how it is

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Evangelism in a Time of COVID-19

How can we share our faith when states are on lockdown and personal contact is prohibited? Evangelism is still very possible, and even more necessary,

J.I. Packer

A Tribute to J. I. Packer

James Innell Packer was born in Twyning, Gloucestershire, England, July 22, 1926. Due to a serious injury when he was 7 years old, Packer’s youth

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