Survey | Most Evangelicals Back Women in Church Leadership

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A recently published survey reveals that most evangelical Protestants support women taking on leadership roles in the church, Christianity Today reports.

Political scientist Ryan P. Burge finds that 8 in 10 self-identified evangelicals agree with “women teaching Sunday school, leading worship and preaching at women’s conferences and retreats.” Seven in 10 people say they supported women preaching during services.

However, women preaching on Sunday morning got the least support, with 72.8 percent. “Even some churches that do not permit women to serve as lead pastors and elders at times allow women to share on Sundays as guest speakers or preachers—making a distinction to between the special teaching.”

After California pastor’s John MacArthur’s “go home” line in 2019, preacher and author Beth Moore asks the church to have no tolerance for misogyny and dismissiveness toward women in spheres of influence.

Moore adds: “I’m asking for your deliberate and clearly conveyed influence toward the imitation of Christ in his attitude and actions toward women.”

J.D. Greear also supports the role of women in church. “Equipping and platforming women to thrive in ministry is not a passion we share because of personal opinion or preference,” says Greear, the pastor of the Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham NC. “We are convinced that there is no such thing as a healthy church where the men flourish and the women do not. Thus, by cultivating an atmosphere where our sisters can thrive, we cultivate an atmosphere in which our brothers will thrive as well.”

The survey results show that most evangelical Protestants are in favor of seeing women take on more prominent positions in the church and it’s “robust across gender, church attendance, theological position and age.”

Corine Gatti-Santillo

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