Supreme Court To Hear Case That Will Revoke San Diego’s Vaccine Mandate

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The Supreme Court is taking up a case that will ban the vaccine mandate for all government schools in San Diego, California, especially pertaining to religious exemption and those who have natural immunity from COVID-19. The lawsuit is a response to the school granting vaccine exemption for secular reasons, but not for religious reasons. Thomas Moore Society’s Special Counsel team, in partnership with Paul Jonna of LiMandri & Jonna LLP, argues this is unconstitutional and violates the student’s rights to bodily autonomy and religious freedom.

The lawsuit was filed when a Scripps Ranch High School Junior refused to get the vaccine because it violated his religious beliefs. The school not only mandated he take the COVID-19 vaccine, but also told him he must effectively stay under house arrest and attend classes online only. He is also barred from participating in all school activities unless he is injected with the vaccine to comply with the vaccine mandate.

However, San Diego’s School District has a list of exemptions to the vaccine mandate that do not pertain to medical complications, but religious exemption is not one of them. In fact, they have completely left out religion in its entirety as a consideration for any sort of vaccine exemption.

Jonna released a statement concerning the outrageous treatment of a student who is naturally immune from COVID-19 “In stark contrast to this student’s effective expulsion from her school and sports team. The San Diego Unified School District exempts tens of thousands of this student’s classmates (and many of her teachers) from the same mandate for secular reasons. Those students receiving medical exemptions, or being given delays as children of military personnel, foster children, migrant youth, and homeless children, or those under the age of 16 as of November 1, 2021, will be in class and not be required to have been vaccinated.” He also noted that teachers can apply for and receive religious exemptions.”

Natural Immunity vs. The Vaccine Mandate

The irony is the student had already contracted COVID-19 and made a full recovery, meaning he now has natural immunity to the virus. In multiple studies, natural immunity is significantly more protective against COVID-19 than any vaccine on the market, meaning he is one of the safest students in the school and the lowest-rick spreader. He is even safer than his vaccinated classmates. In fact, according to one Johns Hopkins immunologist, he is 27x more immune to COVID-19 than his vaccinated classmates. However, the school will not grant him a COVID-19 vaccine exemption regardless of the science.

Additionally, multiple famed epidemiologists have asserted that natural immunity performs better than the COVID-19 vaccine against variants. This is because, what a person is infected with any variant of COVID-19, their immune system develops antibodies for other possible variants of the virus to protect against those. This contrasts against the COVD-19 vaccine, which gives your body an mRNA sequence that protects against the original virus, but not against new variants.

And, with life-threatening vaccine site effects including myocarditis, strokes, Gillian-Barre Syndrome, and more than 20,000 deaths, getting the vaccine surely is not in this naturally immune student’s best interest.

Previous Supreme Court Rulings On The Vaccine Mandate And Religious Exemption

This case comes after U.S. Courts halted Biden’s national vaccine mandate in addition to other granting religious exemptions for vaccines. However, the most recent Supreme Court case over vaccine mandates led to the court banning vaccine exemption in favor of achieving universal vaccination in Maine. Additionally, they upheld another vaccine mandate in New York for health care workers.

In both cases, conservative Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito dissented. But Amy Coney Barret and Brett Kavanaugh sided with the liberal Justices on the court. However, due to the new members of the court siding with liberals on previous cases concerning vaccine mandates, many believe San Diego’s current vaccine mandate may be upheld.

– John Paluska, CNJ Staff


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