Stay Healthy: 5 Ways To Encourage Your Children To Drink More Water

Dehydration, which is a condition of not having enough water in your system, can lead to kidney stones, constipation, overheating of the body, and mood changes. If you have ever experienced the excruciating pain from passing a kidney stone or heard tales of it, you would appreciate one importance of having enough water in your body system. Water, which makes 60% of the body is necessary for the proper working of the body system and since we pass out urine and sweat regularly, replenishing is necessary. Getting your kids to drink more water could prove difficult but there are ways by which you can encourage them to. Let us look at five ways to encourage your children to drink more water.

Set an example for them to follow

Water is good for everyone, children or adults. This means that as you are encouraging your children to drink more water, you should make sure you are hydrated yourself. Children are often inclined to follow examples lain down by their parents in everyday life. So, encouraging your children to drink water whenever you are also taking some will go a long way in helping them drink more water. Around the world, several people do not have access to clean water. There are measures you can adopt to purify your water. Boiling the water is one method to kill germs in the water you drink. You can use an aqua water filter also to ensure that what you drink is always healthy.

Mix some juice with their water

Have you been trying to encourage your children to drink more water and it is not working? Well, if you are in that shoe, here is another method you can adopt. How about making the water have a different taste? If you intend to give the child a cup of water, you can mix in some juice to sweeten the water. That difference in taste will make your children become interested in the drink. You have to also change the taste every now and then. When your child notices that there is always something different about his or her water, it would encourage him or her to drink it more often.

Get them fanciful and colorful water bottles

Children are always delighted to see things that are very colorful and beautiful. If you want to get a child to be more interested in anything, introduce color or beauty to it and watch them become suddenly interested. Getting very beautiful water bottles can help kids become interested in drinking from those bottles. You can even buy a variety of colors, fill them all up and keep them where they can easily reach them. If you are able to do this, you may be the one overwhelmed later on with the way they would be demanding water in their water bottles.

Put an end to sugary drinks in your home

This may sound harsh but if you wish to encourage the drinking of more water, then this could serve as a measure. Every day, kids take different types of liquids which are not always water. Taking a bottle of juice for instance might be because the kid is thirsty, and doesn’t want to take water. If you remove all other substitutes to water from your apartment, they will have no choice but to take to the water whenever they need to hydrate themselves. This can even help reduce the threat of diabetes or any other ailment that too much sugar in the body system can cause.

Encourage foods that are water-rich

If you have tried enforcing the need to drink more water and it is not working for your kids, you can switch to getting foods that have high water content. For example, you can encourage the eating of fruits like watermelon, Pineapples, and oranges. You can also add vegetables that are water-rich to your grocery shopping list. Encourage the need to eat more fruits and vegetables and you will be indirectly increasing their water intake.

Final word

The heart, lungs, and all other important organs in the body responsible for your well-being are composed mainly of water. It is very important that the body has enough water to enable the proper functioning of these organs and the whole body at large. Water keeps the skin fresh and gives you more energy. It helps normalize the body temperature also. Children on their own may not see the need to drink more water which is why the parents have to see to it. These tips here will aid you with getting your kids to drink water more and stay healthy.

-Nora Price

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