Spring vacation on a budget? Here’s how you do it

by christiannewsjournal
spring vacation

Spring break is coming and you’ve earned some time to relax. So why not treat yourself to a little vacation? If you don’t have a lot of extra money to spend and you’re worried about your finances holding you back, there are ways to take an enjoyable spring vacation without blowing your budget. The five tips below can help you make the most of your spring vacation without breaking the bank.

Make sure your car is ready to go. Road trips make for a more affordable spring break than air travel, and the cities you visit along the way are half the fun. Make sure your car is ready for the trip by changing the oil, checking the tire pressure and making sure the windshield washer and power steering fluids are filled appropriately. You can handle these tasks yourself or take your vehicle to your local mechanic for a tune-up.

Travel with a plan. Unfortunately, your vacation will last only so long, so make the most of the time you have. Travel sites like Dream Plan Go and Trip Advisor offer great resources to help you pick a spring-break destination and learn about the unique features of a given place that go unnoticed by most visitors. You can also control expenses by avoiding locations that will be too costly when you arrive.

Make communication easy. Looking for an affordable way to stay in touch during your trip? TracFone provides you with affordable cellphones and no contract plans with nationwide coverage on the largest and most dependable networks so that you can stay connected wherever you go. And TracFone is the only no-contract service provider with Unlimited Carryover that never expires. That means you’ll keep all of your unused minutes, texts and data as long as your plan is active and in use.

Go outdoors. If you’re looking for an affordable spring vacation idea, getting back to nature can make for a memorable vacation. Camping at a national park is more cost efficient than staying in a hotel, plus you can fill your days with hiking, sightseeing and other inexpensive activities. Some people may not be too excited about vacationing in the wild, but after months cooped up indoors, nothing beats fresh air and the chance to gaze up at the stars without seeing your own breath.

Expand your hotel horizons. Want to hit a popular destination but can’t afford the lodgings? Expand your radius a little. Inexpensive hotel rooms can be found more easily in the cities that border major tourist destinations. If you have your car with you, the room savings will make up for the extra gas you’ll need.

Spring-vacation season is here and you’ve earned a break, so why not take one? By applying the tips above, you’ll be able to enjoy the relaxing vacation you deserve and ensure your budget survives until you return to work once again.


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