Some Republicans Call for Rep. Liz Cheney’s Ouster from Leadership Role After She Backs House Impeachment of Trump

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U.S. Capitol

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), the chair of the House Republican Conference, is facing calls from some fellow Republicans to relinquish her leadership role after she announced on Tuesday that she’s in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump because of the violence that occurred on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol.

The House on Wednesday—led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)—is engaged in a series of debates on the single article of impeachment they filed against the president. The House plans to vote on the article later in the day.  

House Democrats introduced the impeachment article earlier this week, charging Trump with “inciting an insurrection at the Capitol in an attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential Election,” as a report from the House Judiciary Committee outlined.

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Professor Jonathan Turley, an attorney and legal scholar who teaches at George Washington University Law School, has called this push by Democrats a “dangerous snap impeachment.” Turley says the damage done last week at the Capitol would “pale in comparison” to further damage done to the country by a rushed impeachment process against President Trump.

The House has held no hearings at all on the issue of impeachment and instead is pushing for a vote as soon as possible this week.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), head of the House Freedom Caucus, told Fox News on Tuesday night, “I don’t think she [Cheney] should be the chair of the Republican conference anymore. The reality is she’s not representing the conference; she’s not representing the Republican ideals.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) also believes that Cheney should step down from that role. See the tweet below about that news.

Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) issued a call for Cheney to step down from the position as well, Fox News reported.

Liz Cheney with Trump in 2019.
Liz Cheney with Trump in 2019. Facebook

“When Representative Cheney came out for impeachment [on Tuesday], she failed to consult with the Conference, failed to abide by the spirit of the rules of the Republican Conference, and ignored the preferences of Republican voters,” said Rosendale in a statement. “She is weakening our conference at a key moment for personal political gain and is unfit to lead. She must step down as Conference Chair.”

Currently, five Republicans have thrown in with House Dems by stating their agreement that impeachment is justified. Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) has “promised” that more GOP representatives will come forward to support it.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), meanwhile, has indicated through back channels that he is in agreement with the march toward the impeachment of Trump.

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As his days in the White House are winding down, the 45th president on Tuesday traveled to the southern border and spoke in Alamo, Texas, about the border enforcement policies his administration put in place. Trump also emphasized, during his remarks, that he believes in the “rule of law, not in violence or rioting.”

“Now is the time for our nation to heal … We’re a nation of law and a nation of order,” Trump said on Tuesday.

Under his leadership, the administration completed more than 450 miles of border wall by the end of 2020 to keep this country safe. Another 350 miles of wall are reportedly already funded and construction has begun on those, the administration said last week.

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Many Republicans have issued comments against the House Dems’ impeachment actions, saying that such partisan activity would further inflame tensions in this country and represent a far cry from the “unity” that Democrat Joe Biden had vowed to promote.  

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WVA) told Fox News recently that the Senate does not have the votes to convict Trump should the House impeach him.

“I don’t see that and I think the House should know that also,” Manchin said. “We’ve been trying to send that message over. They know the votes aren’t there. I think this is so ill-advised, for Joe Biden to be coming in, trying to heal the country, trying to be the president of all the people when we’re going to be so divided and fighting again.”

Check out these tweets with further insight and commentary about the action occurring on Wednesday in the Capitol.

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