Social Media or Social Engineering? Moms Fight Back Against Big Tech

Remember the good old days when America’s speech was free and only oppressive Communist countries like China and Russia censored citizens’ internet use?

Ironically, here in America, formerly the land of the free and home of the brave, the prevailing winds of Socialism slammed onto the shores of our political scene in the past year, along with COVID-19, raging into a violent crescendo of confusion, especially in the past few months, with the 2020 Election and its aftermath. The gloves are off and social media moguls’ true agenda is exposed for all to see: their goal is to squelch any and all political and religious speech that opposes the Socialist/Communist viewpoint. Social media has turned into a government platform for social engineering, silencing anyone who doesn’t fit their agenda; or even questions it.

It started for Moms for America in 2017. We had posted a story on Facebook thanking then President Trump for supporting our veterans with the Veterans’ Healthcare Bill. We tried to boost the post. Facebook rejected it.

Since then, we have had multiple ads and boosts rejected—from premium membership videos to public policy posts and even event promotions. We held a Constitution Day press conference at the U.S. Capitol in 2019 honoring the Ohio mother who started it. Members of Congress attended and spoke at the press conference—celebrating the Constitution and honoring the influence of mothers. Facebook blocked us from promoting it, rejected the ad, and wouldn’t let us boost it.

It is happening in increasing numbers every day to people who hold the “wrong” political and religious views. Moms like LeeAnn Miller, the owner of “PatrioticMe” that sells pro-American patriotic merchandise, was banned from advertising on Facebook because her products “violate its community standards,” but Facebook would not say which ones. Women like Instagram beauty influencer, Amanda Ensing, was banned by Sephora because of her Conservative political leanings.

Some are not just being blocked by Big Tech, but also by big business retailers—again, owned by liberals. Look at what has been happening with Mike Lindell, the well-known owner of My Pillow, who happens to be conservative. His products have been removed from many retailers because of his political views. Make no mistake—they aren’t just trying to silence us. They are trying to erase us. But I didn’t realize they’d launched war on moms until last summer.

In July of 2020, I had a near fatal ATV accident while on our family vacation in Idaho. I was rushed to the Emergency Room in Nampa with multiple fractures, a shattered collarbone and hematomas in both legs. The hospital would not allow even my husband to come in the ER with me and I was required to wear a mask even though I could hardly breathe. Even through surgery, recovery and four days in the hospital my husband was forbidden to enter the hospital. I was alone through it all. That event sparked a video “The COVID Story No One is Telling” that would cause our web hosting company to shut down our website. Facebook originally allowed us to post an ad promoting the video but after being flooded with comments from moms across America sharing their own stories, Facebook suddenly canceled the ad.

This “incident,” apparently, put us at the top of the “trouble” list for Big Tech. Twitter started shadow banning us, Facebook rejected almost every one of our ads and frequently blocked our entire page from moms trying to find it.

Following the election, Moms for America joined the “Stop the Steal Coalition,” which apparently put us on the RED HOT list with Big Tech. The Saturday before Thanksgiving, we held a livestream in an “undisclosed location” for our own safety. Themed “Secure and Protect” the event celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Women Vote and our resolve to protect it.  The next day our website was maliciously hacked and sent to a Viagra site in Canada, Facebook officially blocked us from posting ads, and Twitter put us in a 12-hour time-out. In early January, Facebook put us on restricted status, YouTube removed videos from our site with a “warning” threatening the three strikes and you’re out rule, and Twitter completely suspended our account. They apparently don’t want moms talking to each other, asking questions or thinking for themselves.

Ironically, the Big Tech Bullies prominently support the Contract for the Web, a proposal by World Wide Web founder, Tim Berners-Lee, to eradicate the biggest problems facing the internet, including mass surveillance, misinformation, fake news, and censorship. Yet they actively censor the posts of freedom-loving Americans and people of faith who don’t subscribe to their socialist, atheistic political agenda; and have hired an army of “fact checkers” to spin the truth and discredit anything we say.

It’s time to send a big message to Big Tech and we can do it right from our own homes. Big Tech wants to cancel us. It’s time we cancel them! What are they providing you that is worth the control they have over you?

We have alternative options: 

RumbleMeWe14ALLParlerGabBraveTelegramSignal, and SP3RN are some great options to consider. And now, there is a way to chat and browse the internet without getting censored. It’s The New Internet –an internet browser that doesn’t steal and sell your information to the highest bidder. If millions of us move to these platforms we will crush the big tech giants.

I am done with the Big-Tech cyber bullies! They want to launch war on Moms? Well, they’re in for a fight! It’s time for a massive exodus from these big tech goliath draconian overlords. Hit them where it hurts—in their wallets!

Kimberly Fletcher is the president and founder of Moms for America, author of “WOMEN: America’s Last Best Hope,” and a radio host. Moms for America is a national, non-profit 501(c)(3) educational corporation rooted in the principles of liberty and virtue upon which our nation was founded, and focused on promoting these principles, values, and virtues in the home and family through the women and mothers of America. Kimberly is the wife of a retired Air Force Officer and mother of 8 children, who has made it her personal mission to educate and inspire the women of America to realize their immeasurable worth and powerful influence on society simply by being who they are.

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