Social Media Is Ripping Us Apart, Majority of Americans Say in New Poll

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Sixty-four percent of Americans in a new poll say that social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter are doing more to divide the nation than unite it—and this opinion cuts across party lines.

That’s according to a new NBC News poll released over the weekend.

The 64 percent who feel that way includes majorities of Republicans (77 percent), independents (65 percent), and Democrats (54 percent), the poll found.

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Only 27 percent of those polled say social media platforms do more to bring the country together.

In addition, the poll found that 66 percent of adults use social media once a day or more—vs. 33 percent who don’t.

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Not surprisingly, the poll also reported that a majority of parents—54 percent—say that during the coronavirus pandemic, the time their kids have spent on computer screens, phones, tablets, and TVs has increased.

“When the parents who said their children’s screen time has increased during the pandemic were asked to quantify just how many more minutes per day their children spend on devices, the average spike was 154 minutes—so nearly two hours more per day,” NBC News noted.

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Also, “among all adult respondents in the poll, 43 percent say their screen time had increased during the pandemic while 49 percent say it has stayed the same, and 8 percent say it’s decreased,” said the outlet.

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