Singer Joy Villa: ‘You Have Support, You Are Not Alone!’

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In an interview with Christian News Journal, singer, author, and pro-life activist Joy Villa—said that Christian Conservatives are not alone in America. “Instead of panicking [over what’s going on],” she said, “have different things in place. Join the groups. There are plenty of us online. We are there. You have support. You are not alone!”

Villa’s latest song, “Voice Over Violence,” featuring Ricky Rebel, shares her firm belief in self-expression and in conversation to solve the problems and disagreements people have in this country, rather than any detestable use of violence.

She told CNJ that she had the “desire to produce calm” in the middle of “the insanity” that’s been occurring in our country, including the violence, looting, and destruction in so many American cities last summer. “And now there’s been insanity again,” she said.

Watch the exclusive interview with Joy Villa below:

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