‘Senator Karen’ Has Made a Killing in Tesla Stock, Tax Returns Indicate

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As Elizabeth Warren attempted to attack Elon Musk for having more money than her, an analysis of her 2020 SEC filings indicates she has thousands of dollars tied up in Tesla stocks. Warren, who has repeatedly called for a tax on anyone who makes more money than her, has invested in Vanguard, which is the highest buyer of Tesla stock other than Elon Musk himself.

Warren, whose hatred for the ultra-rich does not seem to have a rational basis, considering she marauds the rich while raking in millions from their companies, has always been two-faced about her investments and opinions on money. For instance, in 2019 she invested $50,000 into a Vanguard private prisons account, while publicly deriding private prisons as evil.

Additionally, Warren railed banks and financial institutions for crippling America with debt, but conveniently left out the fact three separate banks helped her buy her homes by providing her the mortgage so she could live in luxury from the money she is raking in from her investments. Further, during the financial crashes, while Warren derided big banks and attacked their right to exist, but she then proceeded to vote for bank bailouts.

Additionally, in the 2016 Presidential election bid, Trump famously nicknamed her “Pocahontas,” reminding Americans of her fraudulent claims of Cherokee heritage. Warren had used those bogus claims to secure a teaching position at Harvard because her teaching accomplishments simply didn’t cut it.

Elon Musk, on the other hand, has been a vocal critic of higher taxes, government schools, and censorship. During the lockdowns, Musk famously defied a state order demanding he lock down his factory. The state threatened to sue, but then backed off and let him keep his factory operational.

In a statement at the Wall Street Journal CEO Summit, Musk called government the “ultimate corporation,” saying “I think it’s a false dichotomy to look at government and sort of industry as separate…government is…the ultimate corporation.” He also said the United States is one of the greatest countries for entrepreneurship. However, he cautioned that the current influx of regulations has been the “slow boiling of the frog” and that, if America doesn’t do something, the economy will fail as entrepreneurs will leave the country for better opportunities elsewhere.

Musk also railed artificial monopolies, which are companies that use the government to give them billions of dollars in bailouts while simultaneously signing exclusive contracts for hundreds of billions of dollars in research grants at taxpayers’ expense. Artificial monopolies also work with governments to pass laws making it difficult or impossible for competitors to arise, thus crippling economic progress for tens of millions of Americans. He expressed his belief that true economic progress would be achieved when smaller businesses are given a fighting chance and the government stopped picking winners and losers.

– John Paluska, CNJ staff


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