Sean Hannity Makes Surprise Donation to Dallas Salon Owner: ‘I Applaud Her Bravery’

by christiannewsjournal

Shelley Luther, the Dallas salon owner who made national headlines after a Texas judge jailed her for opening her business amid the coronavirus pandemic, received quite the surprise.

The evening after being released early from her seven-day sentence — thanks to an order from the Texas Supreme Court — Luther appeared on Fox News, where conservative host Sean Hannity donated to her company, Salon à La Mode.

“Like many people,” Hannity told Faithwire, “I was just outraged over the horrific treatment and conduct of this judge.”

Hannity was referring to Judge Eric Moyé, who suggested Luther was being selfish for reopening her salon during the ongoing health crisis. In response, the small business owner said, “Feeding my kids is not selfish.” She also noted the fact that her 19 stylists, who have families of their own, were struggling financially.

So after hearing about the financial difficulties that led Luther to reopen her salon, including two missed mortgage payments, the Fox News commentator decided to make a contribution.

“In a moment that called for compassion and understanding,” Hannity explained, “the judge called her ‘selfish,’ demanded an apology, sent her to jail, and fined her $7,000 — something she obviously could not afford at this time.”

He went on to say Moyé’s jail sentence “made me sick to my stomach.”

“I applaud her bravery standing up to this judge on behalf of her workers and family,” he added.

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