School System Forces Students To Pretend To Be Gay, Punish Students Who Refuse

A school district in Minnesota is mandating male students to pretend to be gay or be face consequences. The curriculum, “3Rs,” is intended to raise awareness for gay issues. However, many moms do not see the relevance. 

In an interview with American Family News (AFN), Linda Harvey of Mission: America called the curriculum “indoctrination” and explained it is more about forcing kids to act like homosexuals than provide “rights” training. 

She told AFN, “The idea of forcing kids, manipulating them emotionally, to role-play as if they are homosexual or gender-confused kids is completely reckless and outrageous.” 

Harvey also told AFN that forms of this so-called education have been going on for years. Still, it wasn’t until recently, due to the pandemic, that parents began to be made aware of the sorts of bizarre curriculum practices their children are receiving

This has caused moms to go on the offensive, taking a more active role in what their children are learning. In one such case, moms at Dalton School in Manhattan stood up to their aggressive push to teach their children masturbation techniques in kindergarten. The video featured multiple children who were told about masturbation and even given some pointers and encouraged to try masturbating at home. 

Another example came from Northern Virginia, where a group of moms in Fairfax County stood up against their school district’s attempt to expose their children to graphic sexual materials, including detailed descriptions of pedophilia.

The mom who led the push to remove such content from her children’s eyes, Stacey Langton, told Fox News, “I’m not one of those activists moms or disgruntled moms. This is not about being anti-gay, anti-trans or whatever. I would have been there and said every single word I said if this had been the depiction of a heterosexual couple with heterosexual acts — pornography is pornography, and I don’t care what the gender is. And by the way, it’s even worse that the pornography involves children. That takes it to a whole other level of evil.” 

Many have called moms who stand up for their children’s educational standards, especially regarding the situation in Minnesota crazy or insensitive. However, Linda Harvey instead thinks it’s crazy to ignore what your children are learning in school, telling AFN, “This hyper-scrutiny of parents is not bringing to light some of the outrageous sexual education, which has been going on for a while, that parents really need to get out of their school.”

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By CNJ contributor John S. Paluska

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