San Diego Supervisor Withdraws Proposal to Close Pregnancy Care Centers

By Danielle Dolin

by Danielle Dolin

In a surprising turn of events, San Diego Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer has decided to pull back a plan aimed at shutting down the county’s 16 pro-life Pregnancy Care Centers (PCC). Initially, she labeled these centers as “fake and fraudulent.” This marks a shift from her earlier stance when she introduced the same agenda item last month, failing to secure enough votes. Despite the setback, Lawson-Remer revisited the proposal for the December 5th meeting following the appointment of a new pro-abortion supervisor to the board. However, she reversed her decision.

Lawson-Remer’s office cited extensive community input as the reason for withdrawing the proposal, emphasizing the importance of “incorporating community feedback.” No official statement was provided on whether the plan might resurface in the future.

In a press conference held last month, Lawson-Remer, alongside Planned Parenthood representatives, denounced the 16 PCCs in her county as “fake centers” that deceive women with misleading information about reproductive health care. At that time, she announced her intention to instruct San Diego County’s Chief Administrative Officer to explore legal actions to shut down the pregnancy centers. Additionally, she proposed initiating a public education campaign to discredit the work carried out by PCCs for mothers and their babies.

Constitutional Attorney Dean Broyles, a resident of San Diego, responded with a five-page letter condemning Lawson-Remer’s plan as a “brazen and foolish attempt to misuse the power of government.” Broyles, who serves as the president of the National Center for Law and Policy, warned Lawson-Remer that her proposal was blatantly unconstitutional and would potentially cost the county millions in legal defense.

Having closely collaborated with and served as legal counsel for both medically licensed and non-medically licensed PCCs in San Diego, Broyles dismissed Lawson-Remer’s allegations as “specious and defamatory.” He emphasized the high ethical standards maintained by PCCs in their advertising and service provision, refuting claims that they mislead women about the scope of their services. Broyles concluded by asserting that Lawson-Remer’s opposition to PCCs stems from her extreme positions on abortion, portraying her as hostile to the life-affirming work accomplished by these centers on a weekly basis.

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