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In my early thirties, I had a part time clerical job at a science lab in Lakewood, Colorado. During an extremely busy time at the lab, I was reassigned to weigh extremely thin, white, circular filters. The filters were about an inch in diameter. They were weighed, distributed to a specific client, used in some type of filtration system, and then re-weighed to determine pollutants. After every tenth calculation, the scale was recalibrated.

Accuracy was extremely important. The samples and recorded weights were also spot checked by another employee. There are numerous verses in the book of Proverbs about scales. It is important to God that scales are balanced. When things are weighed the scales must be accurate.

Traditionally scales (specifically a two-pan, beam balance) are a symbol of justice. The equipment presents a metaphor about the issues of life being “held in balance.” During my devotions recently, I was thinking about how scales become unbalanced. Only God is truly just, and only He can keep our lives in balance.

My life scale becomes inaccurate when I allow the opinions of others to overshadow the truth of God. It also loses accuracy when other outside influences are valued by me more than they should be permitted.

My thoughts and personal opinions, if not kept in check, can also be an issue. An area of struggle for me also includes the balance of time in my life.

Has the opinion of someone else unbalanced your life scale?

Have you read something or viewed an article or post on the internet that unbalanced your scale?

How about your own thoughts?

Is there anything that you have embraced or welcomed into your life that has diminished the truth of God?

Who is dictating how you spend your time?

Are you being pressured by others?The LORD hates false scales, but he delights in accurate weights. (Proverbs 11:1 ISV)

Tonya is the co-founder/director of Strong Cross Ministries (SCM). She and her husband currently reside in South Africa, where they assist local leaders in helping their communities. She is also an author of two novels and the co-author of a devotional. Tonya is a national and international speaker. She is especially passionate about helping women grow in Christ.

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