RNC 2020 | Tim Scott Offers Inspiring Message for America’s Future

by christiannewsjournal
In God We Trust

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) spoke during the 2020 Republican National Convention’s opening night and shared a message of hope and good news.

The national news media desires people to zero in on the negative –and what will divide us as Americans.

“We live in a world that only wants you to believe in the bad news, racially, economically and culturally,” said Scott. “The truth is, our nation’s arch always bends back toward fairness. We’re not fully where we want to be, but I thank God Almighty, we are not where we used to be. We are always striving to be better. When we stumble — and we will — we pick ourselves back up and try again.”

He added that Americans should not give in to cancel culture or the radical and factually “baseless belief that things are worse today than in the 1860s or the 1960s. We have work to do, but I believe in the goodness of America, the promise that all men and all women are created equal, and if you’re watching tonight, I’m betting you do, too.”

“God bless you,” Scott said in closing. “And Father, please continue blessing the United States of America.”

Corine Gatti-Santillo

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