Report: Explosive New Details Emerge on the Infamous Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Meeting

by christiannewsjournal
Presidential campaign 2016

Well, well, well… It looks like more details have emerged on the famous Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting and let me tell you, folks, they’re pretty juicy!

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According to details in a new book by journalist Christopher Sign, the meeting between Lynch and Clinton was no coincidence.

“We knew something had occurred that was a bit unusual. It was a planned meeting. It was not a coincidence,” journalist Christopher Sign told “Fox & Friends.” Donald Trump also found the meeting suspicious in 2016.


Wayne E. Dupree is the proud father of three kids who help give him focus each and every day. He was recently given the Pioneer in New Media at the beginning of 2019 for all the work he has done within the Conservative movement.

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