Rediscovering Mayberry: A Devotion on Fasting Social Media

By Jeff Wittmer

by Danielle Dolin

In the hustle and bustle of our digitally connected lives, the tranquility and simplicity of the fictional town of Mayberry stand as a symbol of cherished values that seem to slip through our grasp in the age of social media. As men of faith seeking a return to these timeless values, there is profound wisdom in considering a fast from the constant stream of virtual noise that inundates our lives.

Mayberry Values:

Mayberry, as depicted in “The Andy Griffith Show,” represents a throwback community founded on core values such as kindness, neighborly love, and genuine human connection. Fasting from social media allows us to create space to step back and reevaluate the values that truly matter—values that echo the simplicity and sincerity of Mayberry.

Breaking Free from Digital Distractions:

Social media, while a powerful tool for connection, often becomes a source of distraction and comparison. Fasting from these platforms grants us the opportunity to break free from the digital noise, fostering a renewed focus on the people and values that make our lives rich and meaningful.

The Art of Presence:

In Mayberry, relationships were nurtured through face-to-face interactions. Fasting from social media enables us to be fully present in our daily interactions, fostering deeper connections with those around us. Proverbs 27:9 [TPT] reminds us, “Sweet friendships refresh the soul and awaken our hearts with joy, for good friends are like the anointing oil that yields the fragrant incense of God’s presence.”

Time for Reflection and Renewal:

The characters in Mayberry found solace in the simplicity of life. Fasting from social media provides a sacred space for reflection, prayer, and renewal. It opens avenues for deeper communion with God and a reconnection with our authentic selves.

Returning to Mayberry:

As we embark on this intentional fast from social media, let’s aspire to return to the values of Mayberry—values rooted in love, simplicity, and genuine community. In the quietude of this digital fast, may we rediscover the joy of face-to-face connections, the beauty of simplicity, and the timeless values that resonate with the heart of God.

May this season of fasting be a journey back to the Mayberry within our hearts—a place where values endure, relationships flourish, and the love of God permeates every aspect of our lives.

Jeff Wittmer is a Certified Life Coach, entrepreneur, and trainer of coaches and leaders. He founded Burning Bush Life Coaching and California Coaching Collaborative, which offers Certification Credentials for Life Coaches. In addition to coaching, Jeff has been a lead pastor, church planter, motivational speaker, and most recently, an instructor at Bethel School of Ministry in Redding, California, where he lives with his lovely wife, Sheri, and the rest of his crew. Jeff’s goal as a communicator is to awaken people to their God-given brilliance, raising their spiritual intelligence and empowering them to live a more abundant and vibrant life.

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