President Trump Beats Back Media Hysteria After Woodward Tapes

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Stephen Strang, Author of ‘God, Trump, and COVID-19,’ Points to Trump’s Decisive Early Actions to Protect Our Country

Never fails. Bob Woodward teases a new book—hysteria from the liberal media ensues. But President Donald Trump pushed back hard against the hype after Woodward released audio of the president’s comments from earlier this year, in which Trump talked of downplaying the risks of COVID-19. At a news conference last week, Trump explained in no uncertain terms that as president, it’s always his role to lead the nation “in a proper way.” He also told Woodward on the tapes, “We’re going to get through this.”

And we are. With Labor Day already in our rearview mirror, the nation has been steadily climbing out of the clutches of the coronavirus pandemic. Very early on, the president closed the U.S. border and issued travel bans to protect our country. He approved numerous aid packages, created a White House task force, and marshalled untold federal resources toward defeating this virus. Throughout it all, Trump has kept the nation informed, reaching out to the American public with updates on a daily basis.

Stephen E. Strang, founder of Charisma Media and author of the compelling new book “God, Trump, and COVID-19,”  praises the president for his unshakeable belief in America no matter what has come our way. Trump always “displays true leadership, authority, strength, and experience,” says Strang.

Adds Strang—who has interviewed four U.S. presidents, including our 45th—“Donald Trump believes America remains a great country even though we’ve drifted away from the clear vision of the Founders. He possesses an undeniable faith in America, and a big reason for that is his own lifelong faith in God.

“This election is so important for Christians and for people of all faiths,” Strang also says. “He is a champion for our belief in God and for returning us to the foundation of our freedoms in this country.”

Yet if the Democrats wind up winning in November, Strang believes a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration “would stand for the removal of God from the public square and the erasure of our faith history.”

As most Americans know, a multi-agency effort has been underway within the federal government to create a COVID vaccine. In addition, under Trump’s leadership, America’s borders are more secure, the military is strong, Americans’ religious freedom is intact—and the economy is steadily improving.

“Donald Trump is a leader, and at this point in American history we need a real leader who can get private enterprise and government—even the Democrats—to work together to take us through this crisis and find a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus,” Strang notes in his book “God, Trump, and COVID-19.”

Strang has been writing with authority and conviction about President Donald Trump for years. “God, Trump, and COVID-19” is a dynamic follow-up to Strang’s earlier book, “God, Trump and the 2020 Election.” The new book shares insider information about China and the virus—and conveys the high stakes of this 2020 presidential election.

It also addresses a key question for Christians: “Where is God in all this?”

“God, Trump, and COVID-19” is published by FrontLine, an imprint of Charisma House, which publishes books that challenge, encourage, teach, and equip Christians. The book is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book formats at

Stephen E. Strang is an award-winning journalist who founded Charisma magazine, the only national evangelical magazine to endorse President Donald Trump. He is also the bestselling author of “God and Donald Trump.”

Voted by Time magazine as one of the 25 most influential evangelicals in America, Strang has interviewed four U.S. presidents—including President Trump—and has been featured on many media outlets, including Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and CBN.

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