Planned Parenthood Offers Vulgar Valentines to CA State Legislators

by christiannewsjournal

California state legislators received obscene Valentines at their capitol offices on Feb. 14. Planned Parenthood activists distributed gift bags of condoms with vulgar and alarming messages.

“Don’t **** with Us and Don’t **** without us,” the condoms read. The messages drew sharp rebukes from the California Family Council (CFC), Senator Mike Morrell (R-Rancho Cucamonga), among others.

“Distributing these ‘goody bags’ would likely be grounds for termination inside most California corporations,” says California Family Council President Jonathan Keller. “Yet Planned Parenthood once again shows they have little respect for those with differing beliefs, even when they are elected officials.”

Planned Parenthood has infiltrated public schools in California. It’s not clear whether the abortion giant intends to use this new slogan in its sex education programs it runs in California public schools.

Before this unpropitious event, thousands of California parents were collectively asking First Lady Melania Trump to help in preserving the innocence of children in CA public schools and from Planned Parenthood’s influence. Organizations like ATPC (Alliance To Protect Children) are campaigning to get the attention of the FLOTUS.

“Our legislators still believe they know better than us how to raise our own children. This is a distress call to the White House. We are asking the First Lady to take up the challenge and help us rescue our children from this indoctrination. She is a mother too, and we are asking her to help us protect our children,” says America Figueroa, a spokesperson for ATPC.

Greg Burt, the Director of Capitol Engagement for CFC, tells CNJ that Planned Parenthood has a “privileged status in California’s state capital thanks to the unwavering support and adulation from the Democrat majority party.”

He urged voters who are offended by Planned Parenthood’s behavior to call “Democrats Senate Pro-Tem Tony Atkins and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and ask them to condemn the abortion giant’s conduct. The public should broadcast Planned Parenthood actions to their local government and civic leaders. Consider the arrogance it takes to threaten public officials in such a crass way with no worry of the consequences. We put up with this to our peril.” 

Arrogance has no boundaries for the organization. Senator Morrell also found a special ‘Valentine’ Planned Parenthood distributed to his office.


“In keeping with the legislature’s commitment to ensuring a safe and professional workplace free of intimidation, Democratic leadership should condemn Planned Parenthood’s distribution of these items and use the opportunity to remind all those in the capitol community of its expectations for appropriate workplace behavior and decorum,” he says in a statement.

Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez posted a picture of the gift on Facebook.

“This is the goody bag Planned Parenthood dropped off at my office. Stay classy PP. Stay classy.”

Senator Shannon Grove chimes in: “We confirmed several offices received this ‘gift’ from Planned Parenthood, including mine,” Senator Grove wrote. “Really???? This is how PP communicates with members of the state legislature. Good thing I stopped a group of kids from seeing it in my office……#Crass #disgusting #Vulgar. … The top part of the condom wrapper appears to be a threat!”

CNJ will keep you updated on any further developments.

Corine Gatti-Santillo


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