Make a Difference | Christians Need to Get Involved in Politics

The nation needs you. The community needs you. Future generations need you to select the right people into office. Or else, we all lose as a nation under God. If we don’t get involved in local and national elections, someone else will make our decisions for us. This is the

The Collapse of Evangelicalism?

After same-sex marriage was judicially imposed on America in 2015, I joined many who predicted that cultural pressure against the biblically faithful Christian church would

U.S. Capitol

President Trump’s Style Is Working

President Trump’s style of leadership has been extensively debated by the Washington establishment. They clearly don’t like what he has brought to their town.  This

Stables of Hope

The sand and dried-out soil from the sun kicks up in my face walking towards the stable entrance. Not a breeze, nor a stir in

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