President Donald Trump at Liberty University

This Is a ‘Fight for the Soul of America,’ Says Author Stephen Strang

The first presidential debate of the 2020 election season takes place tomorrow night, on Tuesday, Sept. 29, at Case Western University and the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. It will be watched by millions—and a great deal is on the line. The initial face-off between President Donald J. Trump and former

The Collapse of Evangelicalism?

After same-sex marriage was judicially imposed on America in 2015, I joined many who predicted that cultural pressure against the biblically faithful Christian church would

California to ban books?

Once again in California, we see that the new sexual orthodoxy trumps the Constitution. All Americans should be alarmed, and I mean increasingly so, about


Jesus restores what is broken. And even though we may have scars, the scars are not our entire story, merely part of our story. Easter


Congress funds Planned Parenthood

Our GOP-majority Congress just forked over $500 million to Planned Parenthood. Have we been duped? To paraphrase William Wilberforce’s foe Lord Melbourne, things have come

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