Pastor Killed After Telling Christians They Should Expect Persecution

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An Oklahoma pastor was killed in his home in Northcrest after telling Christians they should expect persecution for following Jesus. Fifty-year-old David Charles Evans, the pastor of a Baptist church in Oklahoma, was killed hours after preaching a sermon telling his congregation to live for Jesus and witness as much as possible.

Paramedics responded and Evans was pronounced deceased at the scene. The investigation is being worked as a homicide, and the Medical Examiner will determine the cause of death.

“You’re brought to life; you’re alive again, now the chief priest wants to kill you. That’s a full life,” Evans said in the sermon. “Why kill Lazarus? Because on account of him, many of the Jews were going away and believing in Jesus.”

He told the congregation if the devil is not attacking you with everything he’s got in trying to destroy and kill you, maybe it’s because you’re not the reason anybody is believing in Jesus. “And as a pastor and just as a Christian, what a waste… What a challenge to us because who’s coming to Christ because of us? Who’s believing in Jesus because of us? And if we’re doing anything in that direction, expect for the enemy to come to destroy you. So don’t be shocked and start whining and crying. Expect it. Be prepared for it. If the devil is not attacking you, there is a reason. If the devil is attacking you, there is a reason.”

Evans was a leader at Harmony Baptist for over four years.

OSBI public information officer Brook Arbeitman encourages anyone with any information to call them at (405) 848-6724.

“Our agents are still full-on investigative mode, tracking down anyone they possibly can, talking to everybody they possibly can to try to figure out what happened to this pastor,” Arbeitman said.

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-Corine Gatti-Santillo

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