Pastor Dana Coverstone Shares His Prophetic Dreams

by christiannewsjournal

Pastor Dana Coverstone shares his prophetic dreams from 6.22.20 about COVID-19, the election and more!

How do you plan to be prepared for the future?

What is God sharing with you about the events of today?

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Pastor Dana Coverstone has a bachelors in Bible Theology from Central Bible College and a Masters of Divinity in Expository Preaching from Trinity Seminary. He began his ministry in 1991 as Youth Pastor at the Assemblies of God church in his hometown of Jasonville, Indiana. After serving there for 10 years he took the lead pastorate at an Assemblies of God church near Terre Haute, IN. In 2010 Pastor Dana and his family moved to Burkesville, KY to take the pastorate at Living Word. 

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