Palestinian terror wave hits Jerusalem businesses hard

The recent surge in Palestinian terrorism has hit business owners hard in Jerusalem. Deterred by the ongoing attacks, the number of tourists visiting the city has dropped significantly, leading to a drastic decline in revenues.

“The ongoing situation has dealt a fatal blow to business owners,” the head of the Jerusalem City Center Merchants Association, Eli Levi, told Israel Hayom on Sunday. Levi is the owner of the Eldad Vezehoo restaurant, a longstanding Jerusalem institution.

“People are not going out and our workload has dropped by 60 percent to 70 percent,” he said. “If this continues we will have to send people [employees] back home. Coffee shops and restaurants are empty. No one wants to go and have fun, because people are scared of terrorists.”

Dror Babay, who operates the Black Bar ‘n’ Burger joint in Jerusalem, said, “People are staying home because they are scared, and our revenues have dropped significantly, by more than 50 percent. People are not in the mood to go out, there are less teenagers who go out either, because their parents are afraid, and there are no tourists.”

The Jerusalem Municipality said it was premature to take action on the situation.

“At this point, it is not possible to determine whether the ongoing situation has any longterm economic consequences on the city, since only a short period has elapsed,” the city said.

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