Operation Rescue Requests Investigation into Apparent Failure of Ohio Abortion Facilities to Report Abortion Pill Complications

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Operation Rescue requested an investigation into what appears to be a failure by Ohio abortion facilities to accurately report complications experienced by women who took the abortion pill — not only in 2020, but going back several years. Six out of Ohio’s 10 abortion facilities operating in 2020 reported abortion drug complications, even though all of them dispensed abortion pills. 

Ohio Department of Health abortion statistics show that from 2015 through 2019, the use of abortion drugs increased by nearly 93 percent, yet the number of reported complications decreased since 2017.

Abortion complications should have increased proportionately with the explosion in abortion drug use. This inconsistency indicates a likely issue of compliance with abortion complication reporting regulations on the part of Ohio abortion facilities.

“Reporting of abortion drug complications is obviously inconsistent in Ohio,” said Newman. “The Department of Health should be monitoring the facilities to ensure they are complying with all reporting laws, but from what we can see, there appears to be a serious lapse in oversight in this area, and that is a disservice to the public, which has the right to know the truth about abortion dangers.”

The Mt. Auburn Planned Parenthood in Cincinnati, a surgical facility that also dispenses abortion pills, reported 27 complications — the most of any Ohio facility in 2020.

Women’s Med Dayton was second with 23 abortion drug complications reported.

Other facilities reporting abortion drug complications were Preterm in Cleveland, Your Choice Healthcare in Columbus, Northwest Ohio Women’s Center in Cuyahoga Falls, and the Founder’s Women’s Health Center in Columbus, which permanently closed in May 2020.

Read the full report: “Ohio Abortion Pill Complications Reported in 2020 Raise Possibility of Incomplete Reporting.

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