New York Police Officer Rescues Dog From Frozen Pond

by christiannewsjournal

This story is about one brave cop and a very fortunate pooch. Police Officer Jonathan Smith, 30, received a 911 call to drive to Bond Lake, a 2.5-mile loop trail located near Ransomville, New York on Jan. 5 after receiving reports a Labrador fell into a frozen pond.

The owner was walking her 10-month pup Kona along the trail when she bolted free to chase a flock of geese settling on the water.

Fifteen minutes later, Smith arrived. He dropped his equipment and entered the icy pond and pulled a tired Kona out of the water and onto the solid ice. The dog heard her name ” Kona ” called and was seen in the below video shaking out the excess water from her fur. She then went to her owner.

In an email to Lewiston Police Department, the owner said: “Although she is a strong swimmer, there was zero chance of her getting back out onto the ice and she began to panic and tire quickly.”

“Kona and I and everybody that loves her are extremely grateful for his selflessness and courage,” the owner added. “His professionalism and bravery should be applauded.”

Lewiston Police Department shared the bodycam footage from the rescue on their Facebook page.

-Corine Gatti-Santillo

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