New ‘Jerusalem Monopoly’ game

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Monopoly: Jerusalem Edition

JERUSALEM – Jerusalem, the Israeli capital, now has its own version of the monopoly game.

This made-in-Israel edition of the classic board game combines the traditional fun of Monopoly but with an Israeli twist where, for example, ‘Park Place’ becomes the ‘Mount of Olives.’ All properties are themed around famous landmark Jerusalem destinations.

Players will find the Mahane Yehuda Market and a lot of tourist spots on the board including the Israel Museum, the Biblical Zoo, and the City of David.

“It’s the same game that you know and love but now playing with real Jerusalem locations. Buy and sell important political and Biblical sites as you battle with your opponents. This new Jerusalem Monopoly game offers a great opportunity to feel the Hebrew flavor of this Holy City,” said Ian Norton, founder of the Jerusalem Gift Shop.

The Jerusalem edition comes ahead of the 50-year anniversary of the unification of the city.

“This Israeli version of the game declares a biblical support for the historical Jewish presence in the Holy Land,” Ian Norton said.

This game, entirely based on the city of Jerusalem, will help players to understand the Jewish people’s biblical connection to the land of Israel, according to Norton.

The Jerusalem edition of the board game is available in both English and Hebrew. It is a family game that brings biblical locations to life and can be played with children from the age of 8 and up.

Monopoly: Jerusalem Edition – Board Game is available on and The Jerusalem Gift Shop.

— CNJ staff

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