Nevada Wants to Erase Women | Under SJR8 Women Will Suffer Setbacks

Celebrated on March 8th every year, International Women’s Day is a day dedicated to honoring the achievements of women throughout history and all across the globe. 

While many around the world are celebrating women and girls, the Nevada legislature is preparing to permanently erase them with SJR8, a constitutional amendment enshrining “gender identity” and “gender expression” into the state constitution.  

“Supporters claim they are promoting this amendment for women’s equality,” said Karen England, Executive Director of Nevada Family Alliance. 

“However, SJR8* does nothing to truly bring about equality for women. In fact, SJR8* will mean less opportunities for women in business and sports.” Under SJR8* women will suffer setbacks. SJR8* would cement into the state constitution protections for “gender identity” and “expression.” 

This means that biological men, who now perceive themselves to be women, will be considered so under this amendment. It could allow men to participate in business opportunities created exclusively for women undermining existing NV statutes, such as 2017’s AB 436 which supported women-owned businesses through numerous financing sources and other opportunities made available to them. 

Further, men who self-identify as women would be able to compete, in for what is currently only, all-female sports programs. Competitions presently among only biological females will now be forced to allow males to compete as though they are female.

What this really means is Nevada will have:

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All school sporting competitions would be affected by SJR 8. “SJR 8* is a recipe for disaster for the State of Nevada. Girls will lose opportunities and scholarships to boys,” said England. “There is nothing equal about the ‘Equal Rights Amendment.’ In fact, it does the opposite, it creates a state of inequality.” 

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-CNJ Staff reports

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