Navigating Troubled Waters: Patriotism, Politics, and Faith

By Jeff Wittmer

by Danielle Dolin

As we stand on the precipice of the 2024 election season, the role of patriotism in American life and the involvement of men of God in politics takes on heightened significance. How do we navigate these troubled waters in a nation plagued by division and the stark presence of evil?

Patriotism, a noble sentiment rooted in love for one’s country, can inspire unity and shared purpose. However, in today’s polarized climate, it’s crucial to scrutinize the motives behind our patriotism. Is it a genuine desire to see our nation flourish and uphold its founding principles of liberty and justice for all? Or has it been distorted by partisan agendas and tribalism, potentially leading us astray?

The question of a Christian’s involvement in politics is complex. While we are called to be salt and light in the world, engaging with the political sphere can be fraught with moral dilemmas and ethical compromises. Yet, our faith compels us to speak out against injustice, advocate for the marginalized, and seek the common good, even within the realm of politics. Many would rather live a life of serenity than engage in politics.

How do we balance these weighty responsibilities and navigate these troubled waters? What does one do with the “calling” into the political realm? It begins with a firm foundation in our faith and a commitment to love God and our neighbor as ourselves. We must approach political engagement with a humble heart, discernment, and a deep reliance on God’s wisdom and guidance, recognizing that our own understanding may be limited.

Let us be agents of reconciliation and righteousness in the face of division and evil. Let us advocate for policies that reflect God’s heart for justice and mercy, and let the principles of His kingdom guide our actions. As men of God, may we be beacons of hope and light in a world shrouded in darkness, navigating troubled waters with courage, faith, and unwavering trust in God’s goodness and sovereignty.

Jeff Wittmer is a Certified Life Coach, entrepreneur, and trainer of coaches and leaders. He founded Burning Bush Life Coaching and California Coaching Collaborative, which offers Certification Credentials for Life Coaches. In addition to coaching, Jeff has been a lead pastor, church planter, motivational speaker, and most recently, an instructor at Bethel School of Ministry in Redding, California, where he lives with his lovely wife, Sheri, and the rest of his crew. Jeff’s goal as a communicator is to awaken people to their God-given brilliance, raising their spiritual intelligence and empowering them to live a more abundant and vibrant life.

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