Mr. Potato Head Is Now Going Gender-Neutral

by christiannewsjournal

In yet another sign of a seismic shift in today’s American culture, the iconic Hasbro toy Mr. Potato Head is going to become gender-neutral, the toy maker announced—claiming the old way was too “limiting.”

“Culture has evolved,” Kimberly Boyd, a Hasbro senior vice president and general manager, told Fast Company.

“The sweet spot for the toy is two to three years old,” she also told the publication. “Kids like dressing up the toy, then playing out scenarios from their life. This often takes the form of creating little potato families, because they’re learning what it means to be in a family.”

As the Fast Company article about the announcement put it, “In 2012, Hasbro celebrated the 60th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head with a boxed set featuring the couple. But [now], the brand wants to stop leaning so heavily into this traditional family structure.”

Reacting to the news, Piers Morgan wrote on Twitter, “Imagine thinking in the middle of a global pandemic: ‘What’s really important is dropping the Mr. from Mr. Potato Head and making him gender-neutral in case we upset a few wokies.’”

Ben Shapiro weighed in as well with this comment (and others):

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—By CNJ Staff

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