Men on a Mission: The Invitation

By Pastor Jeff Wittmer

by Danielle Dolin

If a stranger walks up to you and says, “Leave everything and become my protege, and I will teach you how to wake up to your wildest dreams,” would you follow him? Be mindful that you know nothing about this man other than he is offering you a compelling invitation and appears to be a gifted teacher.

Many years ago, a humble band of fishermen did that very thing in a Middle Eastern fishing village. They left their nets behind and found the life of their dreams.

The Gospel of John records the story of Jesus when he first showed up on the scene and began building his team. A fiery prophet named John was baptizing sin-weary people in the river when he noticed Jesus around the shoreline and identified him as the Lamb who would remove the world’s sins. Two young men assisting him overheard him and immediately set off in hot pursuit.

When Jesus realized these men were following him. He turned around, and we heard his first recorded sayings in the Gospels, “What do you want?” [John 1:38] 

It is a question that should be asked of every follower of Jesus. Do we want something only for ourselves? A ministry? Answers to prayer? Or do we simply want to be with him?

Their answer, “Where are you staying?” shows they only sought Him. The first question God asked Adam and Eve in The Garden was, “Where are you? The first words of the God-man Jesus were, “What do you want?”

Jesus offered Peter and his companions an invitation: “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” in other words, invest time with me, and I will increase you. Jesus had an incredible ability to excite people and elevate their faith – causing them to take their minds and lives in entirely new directions. He created an environment where his disciples began believing in the impossible and soon turned dreams into reality.

Peter, along with his brother Andrew, one of the two disciples of John, left their nets and followed Him just to be with Him. He was about to transform them from someone who worked only for himself and a daily catch to being a part of a team that would change the world.

Are you open to the invitation of Jesus to leave everything to follow Him? What does this mean to you? It begins with a desire to simply be with Him.

Jeff Wittmer is a Certified Life Coach, entrepreneur, and trainer of coaches and leaders. He founded Burning Bush Life Coaching and California Coaching Collaborative, which offers Certification Credentials for Life Coaches. In addition to coaching, Jeff has been a lead pastor, church planter, motivational speaker, and most recently, an instructor at Bethel School of Ministry in Redding, California, where he lives with his lovely wife, Sheri, and the rest of his crew. Jeff’s goal as a communicator is to awaken people to their God-given brilliance, raising their spiritual intelligence and empowering them to live a more abundant and vibrant life.

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