Madison Cawthorn Will Become the Youngest Member of Congress, Here’s What to Expect

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Madison Cawthorn

Madison Cawthorn, 25, will become the youngest member of Congress after winning his House race in North Carolina, defeating  Democratic challenger Moe Davis. A staunch support of the Second Amendment, Cawthorn is the youngest member in Congress since William Charles Cole Claiborne of Tennessee in 1797.


He tweeted on Nov 23. “I promise to fight for each and every member of this district, to be indebted to no one but you, and to represent your interests above all else. I swear to defend this American dream, a dream of freedom.”

Cawthorn’s win also reflects the fight against the far-left championing socialism in America. Socialism endeavors to filch from people. Democratic Party leaders such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez are proud to adopt the label of ‘democratic socialist.”

By stripping one liberty or another, our rights as Americans becomes a slippery slope.

“The state would be in control of everything, and you wouldn’t have the freedom to do what you want to do. They dictate what you can do, where you can go and who you can see,” said Cawthorn, who is a constitutional conservative in an interview.

Cawthorn was partially paralyzed after a car accident and was nominated by former congressman Mark Meadows, to attend the Naval Academy in 2014.

However, the event strengthened his faith, made him a fighter, according to his website. “…And inspired him to help everyone he encounters overcome whatever adversity they face in their daily lives.”

What to expect and to watch from Cawthorn.


“I believe patients and doctors, certainly not government bureaucrats, should be in charge of health care decisions. I’m for expanding choice and competition in our health care system.”


“We lawfully admit over a million immigrants each year, which far exceeds other countries. But, our immigration system is in crisis. We need to secure our borders and we need the rule of law. I oppose the continued allowance of sanctuary cities.”  


“I oppose tax increases. We don’t need more taxes. Government takes enough of our hard-earned money. Each of our families live within their means, and we must demand the same of our government.” 


“Each of us have an inalienable, God given right to life. The first responsibility of the government is to protect its citizens, including those who are pre-born.”


“Congress has run up the debt to the tune of $23 trillion and it is adding $1 trillion to our debt each year. That equates to $66,000 for every man, woman and child.” 


“Mark Meadows did not run to be a politician, he ran to reform Congress. I am running to continue his great work. We need a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and we need term limits for Members of Congress.” 


“President Reagan rightfully showed the world that America is safe when America’s defense is strong. Defending our national security is not optional.”  


“America must keep the promises we have made to its veterans. They are our heroes and as such deserve our thanks and the best health care available.”

Cawthorn has attended freshman orientation in Washington D.C. before being sworn in to the next Congress. Telling Jewish Insider about the experience, “It’s actually incredible,” Cawthorn said of orientation. “I’m a lover of history, so it’s incredible to be in a place where we had the vote to decide to have the Emancipation Proclamation, where we decided to go to World War II, where the civil rights battles were fought. I mean, it’s just, I got to spend about 30 minutes all by myself on the House floor yesterday — and just to be frank with you, I was in awe.”

-Corine Gatti-Santillo

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