Local Jesus 2020 Campaign Goes National

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Jesus 2020

In Ramer, Ala., Sampey Memorial Baptist Church launched a new campaign to share Jesus. The Holy Spirit is taking it national, and it all began with a simplistic yard sign to remind people they were/are not alone during the coronavirus lockdown.

“We just decided we would start a campaign for Jesus, so people could see it and be a part of it,” said church member Joyce Hubbard said in an interview with AL.com.

Using an election-style yard sign of red, white and blue — the “Jesus 2020” on display took the Alabama community, now, the nation by storm.

Jesus 2020
 (Photo by Ashley Remkus/AL.com)

Unlike politicians, Jesus can be trusted all the time, Hubbard told the media outlet. Jesus is the ultimate winner, regardless of the coronavirus pandemic or election cycle.

“We want people to elect Him to be the leader in their life. It’s not political, not denominational, we’re not trying to swing anyone’s votes.”

The church, just 23.9 miles from the city of Montgomery, has given away thousands of yard signs and sold over 30,000 through Jesus 2020 web site

“Orders are coming in every day from all over the country. We have people sending us pictures of the signs in their yards. People call us up and pray with us on the phone,” said Hubbard. 

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