Lesbian YouTube Sensation Walks Away From Toxic and Woke Left…’I’ve Had Enough’

by christiannewsjournal
protest of the election of Republican Donald Trump as President of the United States

Youtuber Arielle Scarcella said she just had her “coming out” video…

No, not that kind of “coming out.”

She’s coming out of the progressive closet. She’s done with the toxicity, mental illness and hate that has taken over the left; namely the LGBT movement.

“Never in my life have I been more canceled, tortured, tormented, harassed than by members of my own community. … Never have I seen such disrespect from younger LGBT people to the older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocates who have been paving the way for us for longer than we’ve all been alive,” Scarcella said.

“Never have I seen that use the word ‘bigot’ so frequently and not see the hypocrisy and irony in themselves saying it.”

This is a powerful video exposing what the left has become.

The #WalkAway movement has been a game-changer for so many people. It’s given them a “lifeline” and a community of people just like them who are so sick and tired of the hate and the “cancel culture” on the left.

And it is giving people an opportunity to see what America first is all about – voting for what’s best for your fellow Americans – all of them – not what’s best for globalists and their billionaire donors.

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